Life Spam Development-Essey Interview

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Interview-Middle Adulthood: Michael H. Age 40 Student: S.H,

Where did you grow up and how did this effect you?

“I grew up in Los Angeles, CA and then moved to Glendale when I was 15. Growing up in Los
Angeles affected me because it taught me early on about the importance of diversity and

How did life affect you when you became a parent?

“I have been so positively blessed when I became a parent. I truly discovered why nature put

parent-hood in our lives since it is not only a gift but a life changer.” 3) Do you feel accomplished with what you have achieved in your life?

“ No. I feel this way because I became stuck in my current career that started as soon as I

graduated college and felt like I never progressed. I also believe that in a sense I have waited

too long to re-discover a new career.”

4) I know that you have moved a lot in the past 10 years so how have these changes affect the quality of your life?

“Moving to several locations over the last several years has opened my eyes to what I really

like and don’t like from different cities in Southern CA. It truly narrowed down my ideas

related to community.”

5) Do you like where you live?

“I really like where I live since it has many features that I have always wanted in a

community like immediate access to the outdoors, variety of activities, access to main highways and most importantly, it's safe.”

6) Do you think about your childhood memories a lot?

“Usually I think about it when something current reminds me about my childhood. My

childhood was fast since I needed to be very independent early in life. As a result, I can
honestly say that I had a great childhood.”

7) Do You have any regrets?

“Yes I do, but I also have a lot to be proud of.”

8) Do you have a daily routine?

“ Yes, my routine consists of making sure I am healthy, my family is okay and everything is in

order before I focus on other things.”

9) Is there a particular moment in your life that has impacted you?
“There are many impactful moments in my life but the most difficult one was growing

up poor.”

10) Do you have fears and have they held you back?

“Sometimes I have fears, but quite honestly they have never held me back. I believe in

self-reliance and faith”.

Expectations of the interview: Student: S.H.

My expectation of the interview was that I will get an idea of where Michael grew up and how

did growing up in a particular area affect their childhood and life in general. I believe

that the environment where one grew up and the people you associate yourself with has a big impact

on your future life and impacts important life decisions. I was also wondering how does it feel to

move around different cities, especially in Southern California, and if it really gives you an idea of

what you would like and what you wouldn’t like in your surroundings. I was also curious about

adapting to a new surrounding. My observation is that the influence of environmental factors

depends on the particular individual.

In my interview it didn’t seem that Michael was bothered by moving around, to the contrary it gave

him an opportunity to really experience and develop a clearer idea about what he likes and what he

doesn’t like in a community.

From a cognitive perspective, I was trying to see how much of an impact his childhood made on him

and how it developed Michael as a person. I was wondering if growing up really poor has made him

want more in life or what was his perception of society was like today based on his upbringing. It

seems that Michael wanted to get a job right after finishing his college, but was not really sure what he...
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