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The Nonliving Environment 33
Chapter 25 Section 1 Abiotic Factors
A. Living or once-living environmental features are called biotic factors; ________biotic________ factors are nonliving physical features.
B. Atmosphere—the ______abiotic______ that surrounds Earth C. _______soil_______—the major ingredient of the fluid inside the cells of all organisms D. ______soil_______—a mixture of mineral and rock particles, the remains of dead organisms, water, and air

E. _________sunlight________—the source of energy for most life on Earth F. Most organisms’ body __________heat___________ should stay within the range of 0°C to 50°C for survival.
1. Temperature is affected by ________latitude_________; areas closer to the equator are warmer than areas farther from the equator.
2. _________elevation_________—distance above sea level that affects temperature, wind, and soil G. Climate—an area’s average ______weather__________ conditions over time, including temperature, precipitation, and wind

1. For most living things, __________temperature__________ and _________precipitation_____________ are the two most important components of climate.
2. Heat energy from the Sun creates air currents called _______wind_______

Section 2 Cycles in Nature
A. Earth’s biosphere contains a fixed amount of water, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and other materials that _______cycle_______ through the environment and are reused by different organisms. B. Water cycle—how water moves from Earth’s surface to the __________evaporate_________ and back to the surface again

1. Evaporation—when liquid water changes into water ______gas________ and enters the atmosphere
2. ________ condensation _____________—the process of changing water from a gas to a liquid 3. When water drops become large and heavy enough, they fall to the ground as rain or other __________liquids____________....
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