Life Science Lesson on Animals K Grade

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Teacher: Ms. Caniz
Lesson Plan
Subject: Life Science (Animals)
Grade Level: K
Curriculum and Methods I
I. Standards:
LS.K: Differentiate between living and nonliving things. Group both living and nonliving things according to the characteristics that they share.

II. Prerequisites:
This will be an introductory lesson to living and non-living things.

III. Behavioral Objectives:
After reading the book ‘What’s Alive?’ student will be able to identify and sort living things and non-living things through discussion and in paper with one hundred percent accuracy.

IV. Materials and Equipment:
* ‘What’s Alive?’ book
* Crayons
* Scissors
* Pencils
* Glue stick
* poster
* marker
* Song
* different objects both living and non-living
* small table to place all living and non-living things

V. Instructional Procedures:
1) Gather students on the rug
2) Place the small table in front of the students and place all the items on top so that students can observe them. Have a plant, a rock, a teddy bear, a toy car, the picture of a tree, and a live insect. 3) Begin by asking students if they know what items are alive and which ones are not. 4) Have a discussion about what they think about the characteristics a living and non-living thing should be. 5) Write their answers on a poster board

6) Explain to students that I will be reading a book called ‘What’s Alive?’ 7) Stop every few pages to ask students questions regarding the reading. 8) After the reading, have another discussion about the characteristics of living and non-living things the book mentioned. 9) Clarify, if needed, that plants and trees are living things even if they do not move. Explain that just like humans and animals; trees need food like water, soil, and sun to survive. They also grow just like humans and animals. Also explain that just because an object moves, it does not mean it’s alive. 10) Write the...
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