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Life Satisfaction in Northern Ireland

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Life Satisfaction in Northern Ireland

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  • December 2011
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Subject: Modelling in Marketing Research
Professor: José Gonçalves Dias
Student: Virág Varga 41121

Life Satisfaction in Northern Ireland

24. 05. 2011.
My article’s main goal was to extend the current literature to analyze the impacts of other labour force status categories on life satisfaction. These include part-time employment, disconnection from the labour force and being disabled, unable to work. It also examines if the effects of unemployment and part-time employment on life satisfaction are conditioned by gender. Introduction

I’ve chosen this country, because I was always interested in the United Kingdom and to analyze this topic (life satisfaction) I wanted to choose a relatively richer country than others to get to know what datas show in a country, like my chosen one. The goal of my individual assignment is to compare and contrast the datas and the results from my chosen articles and my individual researches in the dataset from SPSS. I would like to know what influences life-satisfaction and which factors can affect more on it. I used 2 articles about life satisfaction in Northern Ireland. One of them is about life satisfaction among Northern Irish university students (and among students from other countries), and the second article was about employment and life satisfaction in Ireland. The latter is more about the whole island, not just about the northern part, but in my opinion, it is also useful to analyze datas. In the first research contains a survey of a representative sample of 1500 men and women. In the second, there were 141 participants (50 males and 91 females).

What is life satisfaction?
Life satisfaction represents how satisfied people feel with their life in general, as contrasted with positive affect, which represents how they feel at a single point in time. This is a longer-term measure, than affect, because it makes people thinking of their whole life, with some factors which can influence it. Life satisfaction...

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