Life Process Activity

Topics: Organism, Life, Metabolism Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Life process and cell activity
Life separates living organism from non-living things. Most scientists agree that living things share seven characteristics of life. However, all living things can move. M stands for Movement. It is the act of change in place or position. All living organisms are able to move whether this is the whole organism or just part of it. Plants and other organisms are fixed in one place but they can move parts of their bodies. Organisms move to find shelter, escape from animals, to find food and many more. For example such as snakes do not have legs. Snakes cannot walk they slide their bodies from side to side, to creep on the ground. To move they need energy which is gained through respiration. R stands for Respiration. It is a chemical reaction between oxygen and food, take place release energy. It is taking in air for oxygen and releasing it to dispose of carbon dioxide. Respiration can also mean cellular respiration is a chemical reaction with cells whereby food is burned in the presence of oxygen and change into carbon dioxide and water. There are two forms of respiration Aerobic involves the use of oxygen. Anaerobic is the breaking down of carbohydrates to release energy, oxygen is not involved. Every living cell needs energy and to get the small structures inside their cytoplasm called mitochondria. All living things respire. An example fish lives under water obtain using gills. Sensitivity is also a life process. It is the ability to respond to effective changes. Living organs are sensitive to changes in their surroundings and can also react to them. For example animals such as rabbits and humans shiver when it is cold. G stand for Growth. Growth is the process whereby living things increase, change shape and their size. Living things must grow and develop to reach the size and level required to complete their life cycle. In humans some body parts such as hair and nails continue to grow throughout life. Living things reproduce....
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