Life Philosophy

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Philosophy of Life Term Paper
The main task of philosophy of life is to think deeply about concepts concerning life, death, and nature. For example, we are all going to die sooner or later, but what does this mean to us exactly? Surprisingly, this is an extremely hard question to answer. It is closely connected to many more questions and when you think you have found the answer you are left with another few hundred questions. a. What are my values and beliefs? I grew up with my great-grandparents in a very Christian home with people who followed the church loosely. I had a strong foundation of morals and values thanks to the church but thanks to the people in my home growing up, I was able to see the dark-side of the light. I went to church on Sundays and would see my aunts and uncles get wasted from Monday to Saturday and the cycle was never ending. I would hear sermons given about the demons that masquerade the ones we love through drugs and alcohol but I got to live the demons right at the front door, in the house, and on the floor. I am now an adult and have been able to see the world as it is through my eyes, I heavily believe that everyone is human and should be treated as such. I value family, honor, and respect for your fellow man and woman, boys and girls, and especially our elderly communities. I say especially our elderly communities, because they laid the ground foundation for our future and they deserve so much more than is given to them.

b.Where am I headed? My inner compass is pointing me down the path, which will be well traveled, I plan to stay the course and continue my academia as far as I possibly can. I hope to obtain my AA here at our Urban Oasis, Los Angeles City College and transfer out to a four-year institution like Cal State Dominguez Hills where I will obtain my Bachelors in psychology. After the completion of those mini-goals, I plan to enter a Masters program at a University near home so that I may continue to help with the...
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