Life or Death, John Proctor

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Interesting intro with clear thesis____/15Lauren Zielinski AEC (including 2 quotes from the play)____/5011-27-12
2 vocabulary words ____/10 Erickson
Active Verbs ____/103rd hour English
Pronoun Agreement ____/10
Proper Manuscript form ____/ 5
Mastery -1 for each occurrence

The Moral Dilemma of John Proctor
Life or death? A simple question that most people would instantly know the answer to, and for most that answer would be life. However, what if the choice of life came with consequences. What if saving your life meant ruining your reputation, harming your friends and your family, and cause you to be a sinner. Now, with consequences involved for you and those you love would your answer change? What would you do? In the Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor faces a great moral dilemma. Should he put his reputation on the line to save his life or tell the truth and die as on honest man? Ultimately, John Proctor decides to tell the truth and to confess to witchcraft and he dies as an honest Protestant. John Proctor should have told the truth, even if it did cost him his life because he became a role model for his kids, he saved his reputation and he did not sin. Some might argue that John should have lied due to the fact that he is a farther and that it is his job to protect and serve as a role model for his family. Some would say he would be unable to fulfill this requirement if he was six feet under. The real question is how will he be able to protect and be a role model to his family, if he lied and cowered out letting his friends die on his behalf. John explains this when he says. “I have three son and how may I reach them to walk like men in the world and I sold my friends.” (IV, p.239) I feel that although John could have lived to see his kids grow old, that he wouldn’t have been a positive role model for his kids. As his children grow older and learn about their fathers past...