Life or Death-Frankenstein

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  • Published : December 12, 2006
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Life or Death

If you create something should you be able to kill it? The notion of playing god like Victor did with the creatures in Frankenstein is comparative to the same issue the courts have with abortion laws. Various angles of abortion can be quite overwhelming as well as who makes the final decision. Many governments have struggled to strike what they believe to be a balance between the rights of pregnant women and the rights of fetuses. Before life is started, generally, an individual has thought about whether or not they want to create life. All life is created whether it is the creatures in Frankenstein or development of a fetus. Once life has been created choosing to end that life can cause many issues. The struggle of choosing between life and death could be avoided by an individual evaluating the results of creating a life before starting the process.

There are many factors to be evaluated before initiating the process of creating life. Most individuals know whether they are ready to create life. The choice is a big decision that effects the rest of their life. The book Frankenstein starts by presenting Victor Frankenstein as an individual with a craving to create life. However, he does not choose to persuade this creation the normal way (having a child), instead he chooses to create a life from the parts of deceased individuals. Victor had many years to think about creating the monster, but never thought of the consequences of his action. Also, later in the novel Victor chooses to begin creating another creature without fully thinking about what will happen if this creature is created. In the real world individuals think about having children many times in their life. People think about when to have children and when they will be able to provide the best life for their children. Though some individuals many believe they are ready to create life, after the process has been started individuals can change their mind.

Once the...
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