Life on Other Planets

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  • Published : November 9, 2008
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Does life exist other than here?

I believe the chance of extraterrestrial life existing in this universe is significantly high due to scientific research and physical and visual evidence that have been acquired recently. With recent discoveries and research, science makes it seem that life on other planets around the universe more possible. First, many earthlike planets have been found throughout the universe. One particular “Super Earth,” a large earthlike planet, is 50 percent bigger than our Earth and seems to have water pooled and stable on the surface (Spotts). In addition, the star of solar systems like our sun must be able to provide the right amount of sunlight to an inhabitable planet. The white dwarf supporting the “Super Earth” is close enough to the planet that the planet’s surface temperature has a range of 30° Fahrenheit to 104° Fahrenheit; conveniently, this is close to the surface temperature of our Earth (Spotts). Most importantly, surplus amounts of basic substances that support life can be found throughout the universe, not just here in our solar system. Nitrogenated aromatics, which are various combinations of smell, are a part of life’s basic building blocks; a surplus of this substance is spread throughout the Milky Way (Whipple). Modern research tremendously helps improve the chance of possible life on other planets.

Proof of extra terrestrials can be found right here on earth with recent events and sightings. To start, Area 51 has always been famous for its controversy regarding to holding and experimenting with alien life forms from Roswell around 50 years ago. Not only might there be evidence on extraterrestrial existence in the military base in Nevada, but they might be the very “people” giving us ideas for new technology for weapons and aircrafts (Sweetman). Also, physical evidence such as paintings, crop circles, and almost impossible architecture of the past has fascinated many because of possible links to alien existence. 34...
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