Life on City Road

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Life on City Road

Different forces are constantly reshaping UK’s contemporary society, shaping our social lives and inducing society to conform to new patterns. Migration is one of them, Market forces that create new opportunities as well as new inequalities or make existing ones more acute.

Streets are the best arena where to start looking at how Society is constantly being made and repaired. For the purpose of this document we will stop on City Road in Cardiff (extracting information from “Making Social Lives on City Road” DVD) as it present a good example of how life is lived on the street of contemporary UK.

City Road began life more than 200 years ago as a country lane and for much of its history was a place of trade, presumably farmers traded their products for tools and other essential needs. It was transformed into a road for the car trade by the 1960s reflecting the economic boom of the post War era.

Today’s City Road is full of cafés, take away and other ethnic restaurants and clubs reflecting on the fabric of Cardiff and more widely the UK’s contemporary society. Bustling with activity it can become a daunting place for older people that may feel excluded from many of the places on the street, however, the street present a rich variety of places that allow older people to feel welcomed and catered for, an example of this, is the Taste Buds Café where they find a friendly atmosphere and feel on a secure environment. Georgina Blakely (“Making Social Lives on City Road” DVD) makes the point that many places have a dual function of selling their products and services, but at the same time they have a different function of maintaining and repairing society, which is clearly seen in this example.

In migration has contributed to create a multi-cultural identity to City Road, this is clearly reflected by the presence of the Xquisite Africa shop, is an examples of how people have connections with far away places and at the same time serving to...
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