Life of a Waitress

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“Hello, my name is Stephanie and I will be taking care of you tonight.” This is my routine that sounds rather scripted. Waitressing is just one of the many roles in my life. Wait staff almost have a script for how to handle customers. Being a waitress is a positive role in my life. It is something I can enjoy while doing and work with people who appreciate working with me. This is one of my favorite roles that I have had in my life. Waitressing has made me a more open person. I have learned many different things in these two years of waitressing. There are certain expectations that all customers have upon entering a restaurant. Within waitressing, my role consists of serving customers, working with other wait staff, cooperating with the kitchen staff, and fulfilling my mangers expectations.

Social roles cannot be escaped. Each role that is carried out has its own expectations and obligations. Some roles intertwine with other roles that a person partakes in, which can make similar responsibilities in the roles. A role is determined by a person’s society. Each situation that a person stumbles upon fits into one of their given roles. Most people attach themselves to their roles and attempt to fill the roles to the fullest.

Waiters and waitresses have many expectations coming from many different angles. I am a waitress in a winery/bistro. My expectations from customers differ from the expectations from my co-workers and bosses. Customers expect that they will be my number one priority at all times and that I will be of service to them at the times they need me. Sometimes this is hard to achieve, especially on busy nights when trying to make every table as comfortable and satisfied as possible. Some customers get upset if their server is not as punctual as they would like. This causes them to be unpleasant with the server and this can impact a server’s mood. I know that my performance has changed because of the way I am treated by customers. If I have a...
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