Life of Pi- Survival Due to Indian Childhood

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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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“Pi survives through the lessons learnt during his childhood in India” In the novel ‘The life of Pi’, the author Yann Martel takes readers on an extraordinary adventure through the protagonist Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel. He describes the journey of Pi, a sixteen year old boy who survived 227 days on a lifeboat with an adult Bengal tiger as a result of their Japanese ship sinking. Pi displays the strengths he gained through his religious beliefs, knowledge of animals and zoology. These skills he learnt during his childhood in Pondicherry. Pi’s father demonstrates the importance of protection from animals. As a teenager in Pondicherry, India, Pi Patel describes his family – himself, his parents, and his brother Ravi. He is constantly exploring new opportunities and learning many odd and exciting things. His father is the property owner of the Pondicherry Zoo, where Pi learns much of the workings and raising of animals. This knowledge gained contributes to Pi being able to train and respect the Bengal tiger on the lifeboat, Richard Parker. From Pi’s upbringing he begins to realise the territory of Richard Parker and that ‘social rank is central to how it leads its life’. Therefore, this leads him to present himself as the Alfa male on the lifeboat. This is achieved with the use of whistle training, something he learnt from his time spend in the Pondicherry zoo. Pi understands the “animals in the wild lead lives of compulsion and necessity” for survival that animals have, a similar trait to humans. This understanding allows Pi to create a relationship with Richard Parker. This relationship is described as a zookeeper and the zoo animal. Pi also displays the understanding of animal behaviours in relation to needs and instincts. Pi Patel is boy who has grown up with a childhood of animals and zoos. This childhood allowed Pi to gain background knowledge on the behaviour of animals in their natural habitat. His father made a significant point to display to Pi and his...
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