Life of Pi Summary

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The Life of Pi
Yann Martel

Steven van Ens V6, Bornego College (mel/lem/mle/lme)
Chapter 1 & 2
Pi Patel is a graduate in Religious Studies and Zoology at Toronto university and held in high esteem for his knowledge in the zoological field. The author calls him, meaning to interview him about his adventure, being referred to Pi by a man named Francis Adirubasamy. He lives in Scarborough, Canada, is small of stature and speaks very fast. He says he misses India and Richard Parker, an unknown character here. Chapter 3&4

Francis However-you-pronounce-that is revealed to be an old friend of his family, as well as a famous swimmer. Having tried to teach his family to swim, he only succeeded with Pi, whose full name is Piscine Molitor Patel, named after Thingy's favourite swimming pool in France. Pi's father was the owner of the old zoo that once stood in Pondicherry. Having grown up in the zoo, Pi is fascinated with nature, and quickly relates the zoo with religions. Chapter 5&6

The guy seemed to be quite unhappy with his name as a child, often being called 'pissing' because it sounds similar. Luckily, he was able to teach his fellow students to call him Pi. Chapter 7&8

Pi also seems to have problems with religion. Being a Hindu, he has difficulties with his biology teacher Satish Kumar, who is an atheist. He seems to be enraged with the visitors of the zoo, saying humans are the worst animals of all. His father teaches him and his brother Ravi the dangers of animals, showing them what happens when you put a goat together with a starved tiger in a cage. Chapter 9&10

Pi rambles about how to keep animals away from you. He also tells the author about animals that have the instinctual feeling to just suddenly try and escape. Chapter 11&12
Something about a leopard in the Alps, and Pi is often visited by a mysterious person by the name of Richard Parker, who seems to have an appetite for spicy food. Chapter 13&14
How to tame a lion.
Chapter 15&16
By describing all kinds of religious icons in Pi's house, the author gets to hear Pi's opinions on religion. He once visited a Hindu temple, being astounded by the statues and rituals, after which he explains how religions are virtually interchangeable. Chapter 17&18

Pi once saw three hills, each one with a building for three different religions. He goes and visits the catholic church on top of one of them. He learns more and more about the faith and decides to become a Christian. A year later, he sees a local baker doing his daily prayers in the Muslim-fashion, and keeps thinking about it. Chapter 19&20

Pi practises being a Muslim, and discovers the baker shares the same name as his biology teacher, Satish Kumar. Pi now practises all three beliefs and also thinks he saw Mary in Canada. Chapter 21&22

Pi does not seem to like agnostics.
Chapter 23&24
At this point in his story, Pi is 16 years old. A funny discussion ensues on the beach with all three of the religious men that he practised with, as they ask him to choose one of the religions to practise. They all turn away disappointed when he answers them with "I just want to love God". Ravi jokes about Pi having multiple days off, as he acknowledges three religions and their respective holidays. Chapter 25&26

Pi is denied entrance to all three churches, and is forced to worship on his own. Because of this, he has an argument with his parents. Chapter 27&28
His parents give in to his requests, and learn to accept his multiple faiths. Chapter 29&30
The writer meets Pi's wife and accuses her of cooking the horrible spicy food, but not before Pi relates to him his father's decision to leave for Canada, because of the political changes under Mr. Gandhi. Chapter 31&32

Pi shows the two Kumars the zoo, and they seem to like to feed the zebra's ("Mr. and Mr. Kumar looked delighted." page 82). Afterwards, Pi describes Zoomorphism.

Chapter 33&34
Pi shows the...
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