Life of Pi Preparation Questions

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  • Published : August 13, 2011
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Life of Pi: Yann Martel

Analytical questions for holiday work.
1. Read the book carefully and respond to the following question. 2. Some questions will only make sense to students who have already read the book. Students reading it for the first time should leave spaces in order to develop responses after your reading and during class. 3. Also, make sure that you develop a list of question as you read so you can move beyond being the passive reader to the actively involved reader. You will be given a knowledge test on the novel during the first week of Term 3 so be prepared!!!! Author’s Note (remember that this is the fictional persona created by Martel)

1. What is the writer/author’s intent in this section? 2. Describe the author’s character. Give specific examples to support your interpretation. 3. What is the relevance of the reference to Kierkergaard? (research this philosopher) 4. What is the significance of the reference to the French colonization of Pondicherry? 5. What will supposedly make the author believe in God? 6. Consider the significance of the word “bamboozle” within the context of this novel.

Part 1: Toronto and Pondicherry
Chapter 1
* Consider the significances of Pi’s double major in Zoology and Religious studies? * In what ways does Patel allude to his suffering and the influence that suffering has had on him. Many of Pi’s anecdotes relate to human’s cruelty to each other. * How does the description of the survival of the three toed sloth foreshadow other events in the story? * Consider the significance of Pi’s loyalty to both India and Canada. * Discuss his memory of Richard Parker

Chapter 2
1. Why is this chapter written in italics? How is Pi depicted at this stage in his life?

Chapter 3
1. What is the significance of Pi’s name and how is swimming connected to the survival story?

Chapter 4
1. Discuss Pi’s fascination with animal behaviour and interaction and the similarities he draws between humans. 2. Why does he think that animals are better off in a zoo?

Chapter 5
1. What is a Sihk? p.20 (research the religion)
2. Discuss 4 p. 20
3. What does Pi’s focus on his name tell us about his character and what possible significance can this name have in relation to the main ideas in the novel?

Chapter 6
1. Why is the author focussing on Pi’s present preoccupation with food? 2. What is the “siege” of Leningrad”? p.25
Chapter 7
1. Research Mendel and Darwin p.26 Why are they relevant in this story 2. How is Mr. Kumar’s atheism expressed?
3. What is Pi’s response to agnostics? p.28

Chapter 8
1. Discuss Pi’s comments re the danger of animals and the cruelty of humans. 2. What is anthropomorphism?
3. What lesson does Mr Patel teach Ravi and Pi and why?

Chapter 9
1. How does this chapter foreshadow the training of Richard Parker?

Chapter 10
1. How does Pi’s anecdote about the escaped animal link to Richard Parker? 2. Discuss the significance of Pi’s description of madness.

Chapter 11
* What is the relevance of this chapter?

Chapter 12
* Why does the writer refer to Pi’s preferences in food?

Chapter 13 & 14
1. What does Pi’s description of lion taming add to our understanding of the deeper issues in this story? .
Chapter 15
1. What is significant about the descriptions of religious images in Pi’s house

Chapter 16
1. Discuss Pi’s religious development. Complete some research on the Hindu religion. .
Chapter 17
1. Discuss Pi’s fascination with the Christian religion.

Chapter 18, 19 & 20
1. .Discuss Pi’s introduction and consequent responses to the Islamic religion.

Chapter 21
1. Discuss the nature of the author’s reflections on Pi’s experiences of religion.

Chapter 22
1. . What is the relevance in this brief chapter of Pi’s reflection on atheists and agnostics?

Chapter 23
1. What...
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