Life of Pi Journal Response

Topics: Zoo, The Animals, Narrator Pages: 2 (918 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Life of Pi: Journal Response #1

The narrator of this book has his own view about zoos. He tries to make it seem as if his view is absolutely true and is scientifically proven and that he is 100% politically correct. According to him a zoo to an animal is like a home to a human. But I totally disagree with his view on the zoos. In the book the narrator’s view is totally opposite. He assumes and thinks that keeping animals in cages is normal to them and they don’t mind… He persuades us to think that animals are perfectly fine and find it normal to be kept in cages “Animals like being in the same cages, it’s like their home, There is no place like home? That’s certainly what animals feel.” According to him animals would rather live in a restricted area where his basic needs are met than live in an open area full of enemies and no guarantee of food. He is saying that a cage is an animal’s home!!! How can that be possible? How can an animal call some cage where it’s been stuck forever and ever where it can’t go anywhere, call it home?!? It seems as if the narrator… I personally do not agree with the narrators view about zoos or any other enclosed dwelling for animals. We all humans know that animals do not like being kept in cages and in enclosed enclosures. “Animals are territorial. That is the key to their minds. Only a familiar territorial will allow them to fulfill the two relentless imperatives of the wild: the avoidance of enemies and the getting of food and water. So biologically sound zoo enclosure – whether cage, pit, moated island, corral, terrarium, aviary or aquarium- is just another territory…” “In a zoo, we do for animals what we have done for ourselves with houses…” Now he is comparing the animals’ cages to our homes! How is it possible to compare an animal’s cage to our houses? They are definitely vastly different. We cannot possibly compare a place like our home to an animal’s cage. Animals are meant to live in the wild - in the forests, the...
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