Life of Pi Hyena Research Paper

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Life of pi: research and seminar assignment
Aynur Resit-Rada

There are three different spices of hyenas, spotted, brown and stripped. This is going to be based on spotted hyenas. Spotted hyenas are also known as the laughing hyena.

Location: They are most commonly found in southern and eastern Africa, Sub-sahara Africa.

Characteristics: the spotted hyena is somewhat larger than other types of hyenas. It is a powerful predator of other mammals larger than itself. It’s coloured yellowish-gray with dark spots. It has shorter, more rounded ears than other hyenas; they are almost “bear-like” ears. It also lacks a mane. Its jaw is considered one of the most powerful jaws of any mammal. As they get older their spots begin to disappear. Elderly hyenas usually have very little r no spots at all. They look similar to dogs but they are more closely related to cats. Females are more large in size, compared to male heyena’s.

Behavior: Hyenas are a very social animal and they live in large communities called “clans”. They live in groups containing more than 90 indviuals. The clans defend group territories. Females dominate males. Female hyenas are more larger domain and more aggressive than males. Hyenas come to action more in the light time, they communicate with each other more during the nighttime because that is when they tend to go hunting. They communicate with each other using different sounds, such as “laughing”, that is why the other name for them is laughing hyena. They are very patience animals. Also hyenas are very dangerous animals that can kill within seconds but they usually do eat leftovers of dead animals. They will kill if they have to. Their diet is very veristal, they eat just about anything.

Social rituals: they live in packs just like wolves, but what is different about hyenas is that the female is the lead alpha. Hyenas are mostly known for their unique greeting ritual. Females from the same pack greet each other outside of...
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