Life of Pi Essay

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Life of Pi Essay
Kamalpreet. Singh

The Life of Pi was a story about a boy Indian boy named Piscine Patel was stranded at sea for 222 days after his ship which was going to Canada with his family sank. The story starts with him growing up as a child and practicing on his own accord many different cultures such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity as this is happening the amount of money the zoo makes compared to the work they do coupled with his fathers will to stay with the times, forces his father to make the decision that they will move to Canada. They are not treated to well on boat and he is even thrown off the boat as bait for the tiger, after that it is just an everyday struggle for him to survive with no food and a Bengal tiger onboard. Pi Patel who was once a vegetarian now does everything he can do to survive including eating fish, drinking blood and whatever else he can find. My opinion is that Pi is a very smart and straightforward individual that would have been very successful in his life if the crash had not gotten in his way, I also think that his experience changed him a lot he went from being an average boy to someone who had suffered massive trauma and is now a hardened and scarred individual.

The protagonist in the “Life of Pi” is as said in the title Pi Patel who is now a very hardened individual due to the events he has been through. I think the action that affected me the most was when he switched schools he took matters into his own hands so he would not be called pissing anymore like at the start. His new identity allowed him to life the way he wanted and it was also a positive impact on his family especially his brother as it was a lot of stress taken out this is shown in the quote “it’s alright with me brother. Anything’s better then ’pissing’. Even ‘Lemon Pie’.” Another trait that affected me was his reluctance to give up any of the religions, he stood up for what he believed in and his belief was just to love god which is in my...
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