Life of Pi Close Textural Analysis of Pg 253

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  • Published : February 10, 2007
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The eventual devouring of a character is foreshadowed throughout the passage. Pi tells the stranger ‘No wonder you're starved for customers.' There is irony here as Pi is the stranger's customer. Later when they are together the stranger tells of how Pi's ‘heart, flesh and liver' are with him. This may have had a sinister undertone to it as with the stranger having an ‘overeager embrace' on Pi's throat.

Pi suggests the two ‘feast on each others company' the use of the word feast confirms Pi's intentions. Additionally Pi describes the stranger as ‘a presence glowing through my blindness.' The use of the word presence makes him sound like a hunter as he is forced to use his senses to find his desired target. However Pi's needs are more complex than mere hunger. Psychologically he needs company but physically he needs food. The paradox created by ‘my eyes were brimming with tears and I was smiling' illustrates the unity of his requirements.

Martel creates a huge anti climax as Pi is experiencing his first human contact in months. Going back to the previous chapter Pi says ‘I clung to life. I was weakly frantic.' He further tells us of how he has gone blind and eventually settles saying ‘I lost all fear of death and resolved to die.' Martel presents Pi's state clearly here through his syntax. He uses short simple sentences with simple, functional language to convey how Pi is exhausted. Pi's blindness is also shown well by Martel's lack of description throughout the passage and the focus on Pi's feelings.

Further on when Pi finally encounters human life the atmosphere begins to change. The stranger he is with asks Pi if he has any toothpaste saying ‘its delicious on fish.' The reader also sees Pi expressing positive emotion ‘I laughed.' The style of Martel's writing changes, as the two are deep in conversation. The sentences become shorter and snappier which helps the passage move more fluently. This contrasts Martel's usual style of writing which focuses on...
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