Life of Pi

Topics: Yann Martel, Sloth, Accept Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Role of manipulation n
Manipulation means to twist the reality for survival.
Throughout the novel Yann Martel explores the use of manipulation for surviving through seemingly insurmountable odds. Through Hyperbole, Martel explores the role of manipulation in overcoming insurmountable odds. Main character, Pi being one of the shipwrecked inhabitant of the little lifeboat does not passively accept his fate: he actively manipulates it. Pi drops his lifelong vegetarianism and eats fish to sustain his life. “I wore these spots of shine and glitter like tilaks” (Martel 217). Words “shine” means brightness by the rays of light and “glitter” is the small scales that reflect light. Metaphorically light symbolizes the passion for survival which is provoked by the non-vegetarian food. Though Pi was pure vegetarian but the circumstances have compelled him to turn into a butcher. This shows how manipulation helps in overcoming the insurmountable odds. In addition Pi has to accept the Bengali tiger, Parker as a companion. He says” one who scared me witless to start was the very same to bring me purpose” (Martel 179) .With Richard Parker on the lifeboat, instead of just a possibility; death is inevitable. Instead of cursing the fate, Pi can only accept the tragic circumstances. Accepting his death reduces his fear and enables him to take an action. Parker’s unexpected snort of Prusten, reduces Pi’s fear. Instead of attacking Pi, Parker wants to come in an alliance with him. This encourages Pi to train Parker and secure the lives of both. If Pi did not accept Parker’s offer of alliance then he would have been Killed by Parker. This is an evidence for Pi’s manipulation of the insurmountable odd of accepting parker as a companion.

Through topology, Martel explores

In Pi’s war against fate“Reminded me of three toed sloth: and the three toed sloth; such a beautiful miracle of life” (Martel 5). Phrase “miracle of life” emphasizes survival through adaptation according to...
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