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Life of Pi

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  • May 16, 2010
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Hook sentence: Reason or Belief. A choice people have to choose and whatever the decision, must believe is, the right one. In the case of ‘Life of Pi’, reason and belief both play an important role in Pi’s struggle to survive but, reason outdoes/ over ruled belief on numerous occasions. . Point 1: Building the raft (Pg 198) Point 2: Taming Richard Parker instead of killing him (Pg 214,216-221) Point 3: Leave the island (Pg 379) Thesis Statement: Pi uses reason to make many decisions in the book and this proved to be the right choice of decision making as reason holds more water compared to belief thus providing Pi with a clearer more stable decision which in turn helped him survive Richard Parker, food, and water. Point 1: Building the raft. Quotation: He might easily reach and nab me. I had to find something else. My mind worked fast. I build a raft. Analysis:...