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Life of Pi

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Religious views that were impacted by Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Zoology Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Pi’s religious beliefs and family values, are what shapes who he will become. He is a young man who has a strong sense of independence and unique religious beliefs. Pi tells us about himself and says, “… I got my name when I entered this world [the] last, welcome addition to my family three years after Ravi: Piscine Molitior Patel” (p12). Pi was the youngest member of the family after his brother Ravi. Piscine Molitior Patel “Pi” grew up in a small town zoo in Pondicherry, India where he lives with his father who is the owner and zookeeper. Pi starts to become drawn to all religions. He was born a Hindu while he worships Hindu Gods, but soon embraces Jesus, Mary and Muhammad. Weekly he worships these three religions at their prospected location which are the Hindu, the Catholic and the Islamic Mosque. Although Pi’\s parents inform him that he cannot be more than one religion and his religious mentors from the three faiths, which come upon an argument. Pi obviously disagrees because he believes that all religions are true and this his way of him finding peace and satisfaction from these religions. When Pi turned 16, his family migrates from India to Canada. Some of the animals in the zoo are to be sold in America. One night on the ship, Piscine wakes up to sounds of an explosion. He goes upon the deck searching for what was going wrong and he then finds out that he is alone with an injured zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. The ship soon sinks with Pi’s family aboard on ship and now Pi is stuck with a tiger that has eaten all other animals on the lifeboat except for Piscine. For seven long months Pi and the tiger survive because Pi works to provide food and water for them both and trains the tiger to respect him and stay in his own part of the boat. Pi holds onto his beliefs that God, alternately called God, Krishna,...

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