Life of Patrick Tillman

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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It would be extremely difficult to walk away from millions of dollars doing something you have been doing since a child to protect people that you do not even know. This is what Patrick Tillman did. In 2001 Pat Tillman was a football player for the Arizona Cardinals. He was reaching the peak of his football career. But following the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, Pat made a decision that would significantly impact the rest of his life. He decided to walk away from a multimillion dollar NFL contract to join the Army and fight for his country. And in November 2003 he was deployed to Afghanistan. While fighting for America’s freedom on April 22, 2004 he was killed by friendly fire. Despite his death, his story can provide inspiration for everybody to become better people. Tillman possessed many positive characteristics and values that everybody should strive to have. Some of the characteristics include selflessness and bravery.

Pat did what many people are far too afraid to do. He joined the Army, knowing the consequences. Pat demonstrated great bravery. He could have continued playing football but he wanted to fight for his country. He volunteered knowing he would be in great danger. Many people feel that football players are brave because they have freakishly strong and athletic players chasing them down and trying to injure them. But that is nothing compared to heading to another country and being the target of another countries weapons. Bad injuries and head trauma can occur on the football field. But that comes with money and many other luxuries. On the battlefield people can end up dead and with mental traumas from what they see out there. Despite knowing the risks Pat was brave and wanted to fight for his country.

Another great characteristic of Pat is his unselfishness. If I asked the majority of people if they would take a million dollars doing something they love or fight in the Army and risk their lives. We all know what most people would...
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