Life of Jose Rizal

Topics: Love, English-language films, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: March 9, 2013
A person can love many, but there will only be that one great love. This one great love is the person, call my true love. This person is the one that I look for when everything else is falling apart and no one else understands. I think not all of us are blessed to marry our one great love but we might have met this person already. This person is the one we call when we've done something good or something stupid. This person is the one I long to be with even after days of being together 24/7. This person could be someone everyone hates for us or someone everyone loves for us but I only know how great the impact of this person is. This person makes me feel like I’m can be bad or good and still being loved. This person builds up my confidence when I just want to give up. This person is the one who talks to me over the speakerphone while we're driving just to make sure they make me feel their presence when it's too late at night. This person is the one who worries when you don’t reply for a whole day because you drained your cell phones batteries and she thinks something might have happened to you. This person is the one who tells you the stupid things I do and corrects me because she doesn't want me to get hurt. This person is the one I miss so much I can't get used to not having her around. This person is someone I can’t imagine in my life without. This person has so much effect on me that sacrifices become routine and easy just to spend time with them. This person is irreplaceable that even after years or after many more relationships remembering this person hurts. I don't always end up with our one great love but knowing who this person is and remembering her will always lighten up a part of my heart. And I can never give to anyone else.
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