Life of Alexander the Great

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Alexander the Great, son of Philip II, king of Macedonia was the one that transformed Greece into a super powerful kingdom and conquered the Persian Empire, which ranks one of the greatest achievements of leadership in ancient times. Like a Macedonian King he was the first of the equal, like an Asian King he was a single empress and for his Greek allies he was a general that was going to avenge the Greek people how were brought down by the Persian army. In the next paragraphs I will talk about how Alexander was bad, and how he was good. But I believe that Alexander was truly great, even though he did some bad things in his life, he achieved so much, and brought Greece back on its feet.

When his father was assassinated, Alexander decided to take revenge on everyone responsible. He and his father’s generals took down all the kingdoms enemies and the people responsible for the death of his father. After that moment when he first became king, Alexander had 3 other dark moments; (1) he ordered an execution on Philotos the son of his first general (330 BCE) because he knew about the attempt to murder him and he didn't say anything, he also assassinated the people who were planning on killing him which occurred two times; (2) together with Philotos he also executed Parmanion (330 BCE) the general and the father of Philotos, it was an unjustified death, but he was afraid of Parmanion avenging his son’s death; (3) Clitos (328 BCE) who was a friend that saved Alexander’s life, he killed him when they were both drunk and because Clitos questioned the cultural traditions Alexander adapted from the Persian people. Those were the 3 deaths that hunted him till the day he died. He also was responsible for the death of his historian Kalisthenis who was the nephew of his mentor Aristotelis. Kalisthenis was killed by Alexander because he refused to bow down to him. When he went to battles, his enemies always had a greater loss then his army. Alexander was also bringing in...
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