Life Lessons, Never Quit

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Since I was young, I have gone through many life lessons. Some of them I go by, but some of them I get rid of. There are some you should only keep for a short time, and there are some you should keep for a long time, because you never know when they will come in handy. The lessons I have decided to keep are very good. You should always keep the good ones and throw away the bad ones, because why should you keep lessons that won’t help you in life. The main lesson I use all the time is to never be a quitter. Being a quitter can be much worse than losing, it’s even worse than being a loser. Would you want to be called a quitter your whole life? To me, I would rather take extra time trying to get it done, than be a quitter. If you quit one thing, then some will most likely quit about every time a roadblock is in your way. Many life lessons, like this one, can be good for people. They can help you out more than they can hurt you. They don’t literally hurt you, they are more like warning for bad things out in this world today, but they are little hints that could help you. Mostly when you are in the time of need. I believe the more lessons you decide to keep is good for your self-character. It’s good to show character about yourself to others, because you don’t want to have a bad first impression. If your first impression is bad to someone you don’t know, then you will have to try hard to make your self image look good.
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