Life Lessons Learned from Three Little Pigs

Topics: Fable, Three Little Pigs, Folklore Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Life’s Lessons Learned from Three Little Pigs
Artrie R. Allen
HU300-28: Arts & Humanities 20th Century and Beyond
Prof. Russell
Kaplan University
March 9, 2013

As children growing up, we were enriched with stories, folk tales and fables passed from generation to generation. These fables served as entertainment and taught life lessons that we still carry on today. These stories helped to preserve our innocence and youth until adulthood. Fables were stories that teach a moral (right vs. wrong) or valuable lesson to the reader. Fables and fairy tale heroes were a big part of my childhood. The tooth fairy was one of my favorite heroes. When I lost my first tooth I thought it was the end of the world when I saw that blank space in my mouth. My mother reassured me and explained that each time you lost a tooth you would place it under your pillow that night. In exchange for leaving the tooth under your pillow, the tooth fairy would appear to get the tooth and leave money in its place. This was quite a thrill of childhood because I thought the more teeth I lost the richer I would become. However it was not until I was about (10) years old that I realized that the tooth fairy was one of my parents. Every night before bedtime was story time. From Aesop’s fables to fairy tales a myriad of stories were read to me over the years. My favorite story was that of three little pigs. This story was about three little pigs that grew up and left home to live out their lives. Their mother had always told them to work hard, do your best and beware of the big bad wolf. The first little pig found a spot of land and built himself a house made out of straw. The second little pig built a house out of wood. The third piggy’s house was made of bricks. One day the big bad wolf strolled by the straw house. The wolf knocked on his door and said “little pig, little pig, let me come in or I’ll...
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