Life Lessons Essay

Topics: 2000s music groups, Paint, Film editing Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Looking Through The Iris

The first iris effect is an iris out, which we see the film is opening (class discussion). The iris encloses messy paint cans and brushes. This iris effect is from an Authorial POV, meaning that we are being taken on a journey to learn information. The text implies that this effect is used to imitate the eye opening on a new scene. In this film, it is also used to open a new scene. It’s an establishing shot used in order to inform us that Lionel is a painter. He is also a bit messy (literally and figuratively), just like his studio. The shot helps us to notice that all of the paints are mixed together, although the bushes are almost organized. The paint signifies the women that Lionel is with, and the brushes signify Lionel himself. The paints (women) are just tools to paint on his canvas. The paints are all blurred together in order to show us that all of the women in Lionel’s life are blurred together- after he’s done using one, he can quickly move on to another one without much transition in between. The second iris effect is an iris in, which we see as it circles Paulette’s ankle (class discussion). This iris effect is from Lionel’s POV, meaning that we are seeing the image as if it were through the character’s eyes. The text states that this shot is used to give closure to a scene or is used as a transition. In this film, it is signifying the closure of Lionel and Paulette’s relationship. Lionel is beginning to recognize that their relationship is failing and that she is transitioning onto other men.

In addition to the iris effects, there are many other stylized moments. First, there are many mirror moments in the film (class discussion). During the party, there is a large mirror hanging on the wall, which allows us to see the other side of the room, putting the art on the walls in an internal frame. The text states that it brackets props to create a pleasing image. In this scene, art is the center focus of...
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