The Life of Joseph and the coat of many colors.

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  • Published: September 24, 2003
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The Life of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

Joseph's life was truly an inspiration to all of mankind. He showed mercy when any other man would have had vengeance. Through Joseph's life, he taught many people various lessons on how to treat others and to give God all the glory for which they receive.

Joseph was one of the twelve sons of the father Jacob. Benjamin and Joseph were Jacob's favorite sons because they were born from Jacob's favorite wife Rachel. Jacob was extremely in favor of Joseph because of his belief in God. One day Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful, brightly colored coat. When the older brothers saw this, knowing that he was Jacob's favorite son, their anger was greater than ever toward Joseph. Joseph frequently had dreams about his future that hadn't come to pass. When he was seventeen years old he dreamt that the sun, moon, and the seven stars (his brothers) bowed down to him. He told his brothers what he had dreamed and their anger grew even worse.

One-day Joseph's ten older brothers took the sheep to seek water while Joseph stayed home with his father. Later that day Jacob sent Joseph to check up on his brothers and the sheep. He walked 50 miles to Dothan where he found his brothers and the sheep. The ten brothers plotted against him. They ripped off his coat and threw him in a deep dark pit. While the brothers were eating their lunch they saw a caravan of midianite merchants going to Egypt. They then sold Joseph to the merchants for 20 pieces of silver. The brothers then killed a goat and dipped Joseph's coat of many colors in the blood and told their father Jacob that they had found this coat along the way home. Jacob knew it was Joseph's coat and he was devastated because he thought that Joseph had died. Meanwhile Joseph found himself in a foreign land where he did not understand their language. The merchants were eager to make a profit off Joseph so they put him up for sale at the Egypt slave market. Captain Potiphar bought Joseph...
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