Life Is a Survival of the Fittest

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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“Life is a survival of the fittest.” To what extent is this true of Singapore society?
Singapore is a multi-ethnic society and we are enjoying racial harmony because we see each other as Singaporeans and partly because of what the government did for the country. Meritocracy was one of the things that the government imposed so as to give equal opportunities for Singaporeans and therefore this had partly made life in Singapore a survival of the fittest.

Meritocracy, which can also mean rewarding people for their hard work, has caused made life in Singapore a survival of the fittest. With meritocracy, everyone wants to be the best in what they do so that they are able to get the best rewards. For example, there are the merit bursary awards which reward students who are the top 25% in their cohort and the scholarship awards which reward students who are the top 10% in their cohort. When students know about this, most of them would work hard by studying and revising their work every day in order to score well in their examinations and to be able to get the rewards that they are supposed to get. Hence, this will cause competition in the society as most of them are studying hard and only the best would be able to get the rewards. This therefore makes life a survival of the fittest.

Another reason is that Singapore is allowing immigration of foreign talents to live in Singapore. In 1989, the government relaxed its immigration policy to attract foreign talent with skills that Singapore required. With more foreign workers entering Singapore, it would be more competitive to get the certain job that you want as we are not competing amongst Singaporeans but other people from other countries. Moreover, when the foreign workers, which many of them having better skills and more experience than the Singaporeans, will have a higher possibility of getting the job. Therefore, Singaporeans have to constantly upgrade themselves by polishing their skills or learning...
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