Life Is a Journey Speech

Topics: Death, English-language films, 2007 albums Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Life is a Journey
by Youssef Kamal, Fall 2012, section 27

Specific Purpose: To inspire my audience to recognize how good of a friend Dominique was and that we can learn a lot from him

Central Idea: Even though Dominique is no longer with us, he is a very influential individual that will never be forgotten. I feel that I am closer to him now than when he was with us.

Pattern of Organization: Topical

Sometime you can just feel a person’s spirit around you. In many ways, we can see that the death of something does often leave some kind of impact, and as a result of this impact something about us inevitably changes. I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with a close relative or a friend passing away, and it’s not the easiest thing, but there’s so much to learn from it. I’ve never really had a reason to until my good friend Dominique passed away earlier last year. Its nuts that one-day we’re all sitting together sharing a few laughs, and the next day a member of our group is no longer with us. Dominique was one of the smartest and most compassionate people I knew. He’d always make sure others were comfortable and never put himself before others. And that’s part of the reason why his death affected me so much; it’s saddening to know that a person that has done so much good can pass away at such a young age. Granted it is saddening, we can only learn from the good he has accomplished. It was hard seeing someone go that moved through life with you like water (simile). But I learned a lot from it. About embracing moments. About taking chances. About never giving up. About gratitude. About me (alliteration).

Life is a journey (metaphor). And I never really understood what that meant until Dominique passed. As an active member of his community and a student at University of Maryland, Dominique always had something to offer to others. He always counted his blessings and paid it forward. Which continually blew my mind; why is someone so young worried about giving...
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