Life Is a Box of Chocolate

Topics: Olfaction, Chess piece, Creation myth Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Life is a box of chocolate. A box of chocolate contains pieces of identical chocolates. But they all have different types of flavor, smell and texture. Some taste like sweet heaven, some taste like vicious inferno. Nonetheless, every time when you reach within to snatch a piece, the outcome is unexpected and unpredictable. Similar to what life is all about- It is full of surprises; you never know what you will get. One second you can be in heaven on earth, and then a second later be in a nightmare. For example, good things happen, in fact, being accepted to your desire university. Again, just like having a chocolate. The sweet outer part always come first, then, as it melts within your mouth, you will slowly taste the bitterness, awfulness, wretchedness. For instance, making into university only means you are stepping into a different stage of life, indeed, a more difficult stage of life. Likewise, you will often tend to avoid picking the one chocolate you hate the most. Consequently, it gradually becomes fear. You will stay away from putting the whole chocolate in your mouth; you will take small little bites cautiously. And this is exactly what life is about. When you experience mistakes and missteps; you become caution and alert from it. For example, when you first tripped and fell as of not noticing the dent on the ground; you are most likely to be more aware when you walk on the same path the second time. Life is uncontrollable. Life is unfair. But life is full of options. It all depends on how you live it, and take it. Just like a box of chocolate.
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