Life Is a Battle

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Melissa Winner
Week 2 Rough Draft
Life is a Battle VS The Battle is Life.

Life is a battle. No matter how tough or easy a person’s life is there is always a battle with life. Many times people feel the whole world is against them. There may be a lot of stress and internal conflict within everyone’s battle. The reality is when the war is won; there eventually is another battle to fight. For instance in my own current personal fight, I am fighting for my tenant right to breath fresh clean air. I have neighbors whom smoke. I currently am putting up a fight with the corporate office of my complex as well as my apartment manager to switch apartments. So far I am winning the fight because I have delivered proof that my apartment smells of an illegal substance that is not of my own doing. Again, I am proof if you fight for your life you may indeed win your battle.

Education is essential for every life battle. Without knowledge you will have no power. Education can not only help you socially and politically but it can help you with your own personal battles. My war with moving to a different apartment begin to succeed as soon as I begin to educate myself on California tenant rights laws, contact an attorney on my rights as a tenant, contact the local sheriffs department, and lastly called and wrote to the apartment complex corporate office and leasing office numerous times in order to get ahead in this fight. By remaining strong and determined you can gain a positive outcome. Moreover, you must be educated on your fight in order to win the battle.

Generally we have to go out into the world in order to educate ourselves to resolve problems, specifically legal problems. Not all people suffer with the same fight in life. This is what makes our fight for life so discerning and complicated. If a human being can have a joyful outlook on life, they will get through just about any hurdle life can throw at you. If we start to see ourselves as...
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