Life Is Not a Game Lesson

Topics: USA PATRIOT Act, Discrimination, Stewart Copeland Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 4, 2011
OVERVIEW The document we are about to study is an extract/excerpt from a report entitled “Caught in the Backlash, Stories from Northern California” published in November 2002 by the ACLU (whose aim is to defend individual rights and liberties.) The main character is called Charlotte Wu and is a 22-year-old sophomore who’s fond of/keen on/crazy about videogames. One day in late 2001, Charlotte played a videogame with her friends. Then she left the game. Later, a player phoned her and she helped him by telling him to use a bomb in the game. Then the police came to her room and interrogated her because of the call. They did not arrest her, but she wonders who alerted them. ZOOM IN 1) Paragraph 1 (l. 1-5) Maybe she had to leave because she still had some homework to do. Perhaps she had to leave because she had to be at the dorm before a certain hour. Although she was the master of the game, she may have had to leave early because… 2) Paragraph 2-3 (l. 6-10) Charlotte’s friend called her because he was stuck/stalled in the game and he needed some help. Since Charlotte is a whiz at videogames / knows the game like the back of her hand, she was the one to ask. 3) Paragraph 4-7 (l. 11-23) Who knocked on the door? Who was in the apartment? 1st knock Resident advisor Charlotte + roommate 2nd knock The police officers Charlotte

What was Charlotte doing? What did she do when she heard the knock?

Was having a shower She went to open the door

Obviously, between the first knock and the second knock Charlotte’s roommate left the apartment. Judging by the door slam Charlotte heard, we may add that her roommate left precipitately/in a hurry/quickly. Between the two knocks, Charlotte heard a door slam, so we may assume that her roommate had to leave quickly / in a hurry. The resident might have told her that Charlotte was dangerous, or that she was a terrorist. Or maybe he wanted to ask questions but didn’t want Charlotte to hear them. When the police came Charlotte...
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