Life Is Like a Race

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Life is like a Race
From the moment you wake up until the time you sleep all things that you do seems based on the ticking clock for the day. When I was in my early age, every morning is a race. I need to rise early because I do not want to be late in school. Inside the classroom, I listen, participate in class and do classroom tasks under time pressure. Every day of my school days are always being run by the ticking clock. After school, here comes another race, beating the time to reach my school service vehicle so that I can go home, rest, and eat snack prepared by my mother. The next thing to do is my school take home assignment and study lessons to make myself ready for the next day. After school life, I thought that I will not have any race again but it is a different thing after you graduate and finish a course. I was wrong to think this way. Another race has come for me to face. A very important race which is based on how I plan myself when I was younger. A race that will predict my future. Survival of the fittest, I could say. I need to work, to compete to strive hard to achieve all my aspirations in life. But to am I racing for? I realized it is not for anybody else in the world. It is for me because life is short and I need to make my stay here on earth worthwhile.
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