Life Is Frustrating for a College Student Because..

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  • Published : September 18, 2009
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Life in the college world
College seems to make life more difficult. In high school we didn’t have to focus too much academically because our hand was being held. College is all about you. Students make decisions based on their own needs. Sometimes those needs are not always our smartest moves. Responsibility, stress and financial troubles are one of the many issues that can make life frustrating for a college student.

Responsibility should be learned at a young age. We don’t completely grasp the meaning of the word until we truly experience it. Responsibility should be learned at a young age. Even one day at college makes you realize how responsible you need to be. You are your own worst enemy in college. The decisions we make, good or bad, affect our outcome in the end. Unlike high school, we do no have to attend class or do homework. It is our choice. Most students take advantage of this because for once, we can actually make our own decisions without consent. By seeing a negative or even a positive outcome, you learn responsibility in a whole new way.

College has its own relationship with stress; you’re bound to experience it. Your family expects the best from you, friends want you to party and that new TV show is just calling your name. All this can lead to stress. We all despise it but are faced with it. The pressure of passing classes, keeping your scholarships and social status give stress a whole new name. Stress can make anyone’s life frustrating but when you’re a college student experiencing real stress for the first time, it makes everything seem out of reach.

Being in a recession does not make life any easier for a college student and doesn’t change those ridiculous prices of books. For me, buying books were difficult. I had the HOPE scholarship which only paid for classes. My minimum wage job and monthly car payment took a toll on me when I learned about college book prices. I had to manage my money more efficiently to start my...
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