Life Is Beautiful

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Supporting the use of humor in Life Is Beautiful

March 12, 2013

We are in favor of the humor in Life Is Beautiful because throughout the movie it keeps Joshua looking on the Brightside and following the rules. Life Is Beautiful shows the love and devotion a father has for keeping his son safe. Robert Benigni is a comedian, being funny and making people happy is what he does. This movie is a fairytale and sheds light on this horrible period in time.

The beginning of Life Is Beautiful would have been boing and dull without the amount of humor put into it. The comedy makes things interesting and keeps you hooked. The beginning humor really expresses Guido’s love for life and people.

‘Where are we going? Why? Where is mommy? What are we doing?’ Joshua asked so many questions through the movie. He was so young that he wouldn’t understand anything that was going on. It would have been worse if Joshua really knew what was happening. Joshua would have been even more so scared and upset. Instead of putting him through that, Guido made it so Joshua actually had more or less of a good time.

Throughout the movie, if humor wouldn’t have been used, we would have gotten a completely different message. With using the comedy, it kept the movie from being too serious and overwhelming but still keeping the theme of making the best of every situation. Despite the fact of all the wrong being done by the Germans, Guido was able to stay the happy-go-lucky person he was. He also was able to keep Joshua calm and oblivious to the war around him. Overall, the humor was protection of Joshua’s innocent mind.

The Fact that Life Is Beautiful kept the humor intact through the movie has enlightened the subject of the Holocaust without making fun of it. Although the use of the humor has been a touchy subject, we say that it was appropriate for the story line. The style and subject of the film would have been drastically different if humor had not been used. The sole purpose of...
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