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Residential Components and Products

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Autotrol™ Brand Residential Valves
Reliability and convenience from the company most recognized for innovative products. • The industry innovator in driving new designs to market • Always refining current technologies for maximum market impact • Almost a half century of experience in residential water conditioning equipment, focusing on independent water treatment professionals

Satisfaction guaranteed
All the confidence and peace of mind with the GE 5-year warranty.

Service simplicity
Access to the entire valve is accomplished with only two screwdrivers (Phillips and Torx).

Tough under pressure
Noryl®, the thermoplastic resin developed by GE, provides exceptional corrosion resistance and precision-fit components.

Measured performance
Ball-and-seat controls deliver consistent backwashing in all tank sizes at all pressure rates.

Easy entry
Easy to access and adjust the refill control.

1-2-3- clean
Two-piece injector screen for fast, easy cleaning.

Smooth operator
Autotrol® Duraflow™ technology features a frictionless seal for longer life. Excellent for applications with high turbidity and suspended solids.

Sealed to perfection
Heat weld bonding protects against micro-leaks and ensures years of reliable operation.

Measured performance
One-piece injector provides accurate flow rate in the brining cycle and is color-coded for easy identification.


Residential Valve Bodies
The 255 and Performa series provide water conditioning professionals with a valve solution for virtually every residential application. • Engineered to outperform other brands in performance and service life • Built with the business professional in mind – fast installation and quicker service calls increase profit • Multiple controller options available at a variety of price points • Noryl®, the thermoplastic resin developed by GE, provides exceptional corrosion resistance and precision-fit components

Autotrol™ 255 Series – 3/4-inch ports
Easy on the water
Efficient valve design decreases the amount of water required for regeneration.

Do not disturb
Tank adapter permits disconnection from valve without disturbing the resin bed.

A steady stream
3/4-inch port opening provides good softener flow performance.

A clear view
Includes a clear-sight air check for easy brine line troubleshooting.

Performa Series – 1-inch port
The name says it all
Performa means performance – large one-inch ports for high-flow applications.

Three and out
Valve quickly changes from softener to filter application in three easy steps.

Fewer the better
Designed with fewer service parts than any valve of comparable function – longer life, shorter service calls.

Easier to service
Bypass attachment makes maintenance exceptionally fast.

Valve 255 Valve Performa Valve (268) Logix and 900 Performa Filter Valve (263) Performa Cv (278)

Inlet/Outlet 1- or 3/4-inch 1-inch 1-inch 1-inch

Riser Diameter 1- or 13/16-inch 1-inch 1-inch 1-inch

Service Flow at 15 psi gpm m3h 15 25 25 25 3.4 5.7 5.7 5.7

Backwash at 25 psi gpm m3h 6.0 20 20 20 1.36 7.3 7.3 7.3

Backwash Capabilities 6 – 14-inch Tanks 7 – 14-inch Tanks 7 – 14-inch Tanks 7 – 24-inch Tanks


Residential Controllers
GE Infrastructure builds the most technologically-advanced valve controllers for the residential market. • Controls for any application: mechanical, simple electronic, and advanced control electronics • Electronic controls feature safe, low-voltage (12V) operation – higher voltage controls are also available • Single- or twin-tank applications

Logix controllers lead the way
The Logix Controller is unrivaled in simplicity and is easier to program than any other electronic controller on the market. In fact, it’s as simple as setting an alarm clock! Patented, unique technology places the Logix in a class not shared by any other manufacturer....
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