Life in a Metropolitan City

Topics: City, Urban area, Metropolitan area Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Life in a Metropolitan City
Life of a human is not just about being alive but also being social, peaceful and contented. People tend to get more by some means, fair or unfair. All kinds of people, from poor beggars to villagers to common people to businessman to MPs and MLAs, all try to get more than their capacity or means. While the beggars tend to steal, villagers move to cities and towns to get better job opportunities, common man cheats either by his own will or the will others, and mostly with political backing, businessman seldom pay their income taxes properly, and politicians bag government’s funds meant for the poor and make millions. In a metropolitan city, you have to face all kinds of people ── street beggars on footpaths beside big skyscrapers, people asking for directions, people who discuss and think about matters in their own ‘philosophy’, people who are obsessed to show others how intelligent they are, hawkers who go on insisting you to buy their goods, etc. A metropolitan city is busy and there life is also very busy. You have to get up earlier, sleep later, study harder, etc. i.e. you have to follow a hard life, not an easy life like those in villages. You get more job opportunities, but you have to work longer and the job eats up your time. And in a city if even a girl wants to be traditional, it is a shame. You need to have a mobile, a MP3 player, a tablet and other such things at a very early age. You need to play the hit games, watch the hit movies etc. otherwise it is a shame. If the villagers think that a city is a better place to live, they should think again. Cities have their own kind of problems. Traffic jams, machine malfunction, power cuts, lack of proper disposal, weak flyovers, etc. are bigger problems than those faced by the villagers. Such problems are very frequent, and some of them are dangerous enough to take lives. A grave problem of cities is pollution. Air, water and land are extremely polluted in a city. The main...
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