Life in the Year 1900

Topics: Hygiene, Water, Boiling Pages: 1 (469 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Life in the year 1900
Life for people in the 1900 was very different from the lives we live today. Some of the main problems that people faced were food, hygiene, and lifestyle the way and things they must do for survival. The lifestyle of people was a struggle for people. They couldn’t afford to call a doctor. They had to use candles to light the house. They wore corsets & petti coats. The families collected mail three times a day. Their clothes were washed at home, in boiling water. Women would spin the clothes with a stick. Wash took twelve hours to do so they only did bed linens and undergarments. On wash day girls would stay home from school to help their mother. Irons were heated on the stove. Women were not allowed to work outside of the house so they were in charge of cleaning. Everyone had to listen to the oldest man in the house. Another job for women was that they had to invite one guest over. Men worked during the day and kids went to school. You have to be nice to your maid by giving them knee pads. They cleaned the rugs by putting tea leaves on them. Another issue for families was having a well cooked meal instead of a small portion of something that they would have to share. Families were able to drink soda. In the 1900’s there were no fast food places. The refrigerator was no invented so people came to their house to sell them refrigerated items. The butcher would come to sell meat. The girls in the house would make the cakes. In order for refrigerated items to not go bad they had to be cooked right away. They were limited to fruits and veggies. Most meals were cheap cut meat and veggies. On special occasions they had fish and chips. One main concern was the hygiene of people. They were to use salt and soda to brush their teeth. Men rarely shaved their beard because it hurt. If they wanted to wear makeup they had to make it on their own. They used eggs to wash their hair. By using eggs their hair became dry and sticky. They made their own soap...
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