Life in the Fat Lane Notes

Topics: Accept, Metabolism, Novel Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: January 18, 2011
Casey’s Notes
By: Casey Robichaud
Life in the Fat Lane- Cherie Bennett
1. Plot Synopsis
Life in the fat lane written by Cherie Bennett “offers a full measure of wisdom and hope” says Voice of Youth Advocates. It’s a wonderful story about a 16 year old girl named Lara Ardeche that has it all.  Homecoming queen, great looks, an awesome boyfriend, and she’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She has an amazing life until she starts gaining weight. A lot of weight. Uncontrollably.  Desperate to get her body back and find an explanation for her mysterious weight gain, Lara is diagnosed with a metabolic disorder called Axell-Crowne and it starts to take over her life. Soon, Lara Ardeche is living life in the fat lane. This awful disorder ruins her chances of becoming Miss. Tennessee. Lara is also going through a very tough time after finding out her dad is having an affair. Lara’s father decides to stop seeing this other woman and start being there for his family. To make sure he really stops seeing her, Lara’s mother moves the family to Michigan. At this point, Lara weighs 200 pounds and all she has left is her boyfriend Jett and her best friend Molly who she is forced to move away from. Lara has to relocate her life there and make new friends but the people there are not very accepting of her. Her dad still ends up seeing the other woman again and her mother finally gives him up, although, it isn’t easy. With everything going on with the family, Lara gives up on losing weight and now weighs 218 pounds. She decides to step on the scale and realizes she lost 5 pounds. Lara was hysterical and ran down the hall to her mother’s room to tell her the amazing news, when she found her lying on the floor unconscious with a spilt glass of wine and an empty pill bottle beside her. Lara’s mother had an overdose on pills to try and ease the pain of losing her husband of 25 years. Lara’s mother makes a full recovery and Lara realizes her life is not perfect, but she will be...
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