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Life in the Fast Lane

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Getting The Most Out Of Search Engines

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What is A Search Engine?
A Search Engine is like a giant business directory on your computer. Every day, millions of people use the Internet to look for products, services and information. It’s very likely that you’ve used a search engine if you use the Internet, but you might not have heard that term before. Google is currently the most popular search engine and it’s very simple to use. It allows you to type in what you are looking for, click the ‘search’ button, and then shows you a list of links to web pages that it thinks are relevant. It might also show you places where you can buy related products online. Search engines have over 8 billion web pages to choose from, so it’s important that they can find and list your site’s pages as easily as possible. Following these steps will help your website to become more search engine friendly, and that can only be good for your business.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?
Search Engine Optimisation involves discovering the right keywords for your website (words that people might use to look for your products and services) and using them in the right places, to be read effectively by search engines. If you are familiar with directory listings like The Yellow Pages, keywords could be thought of as the catagory in which you choose to display your advert, for example mechanic, electrical repairs or restaurant. You can also add links to your web pages that make it a little easier for search engines to find their way around your website. There are hundreds of little tips and tricks that can be used when optimising your website, but to explain all of these would take a large, jargon filled book that will most likely end up as a paper weight in your office! This guide deals with the most effective ways to...

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