Life in the 1950's, 60's and 70's

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  • Published : August 15, 2011
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Main household Appliances:
The appliances found in houses between 20-50 years ago were a primitive version of what we have today. For example; T.V’s when they first came out were huge, chunky and were only in black and white. There were vinyl records that were large and required a record player to play. I think technology has stayed within the same concept, but has gotten smaller, smarter and more efficient. Size of houses:

It was not uncommon to have extremely large families in only one bedroom or two for the wealthier families. To have four children was considered a small family, whilst in modern times that many children would be considered a large family.

Family activities/traditions:
The communities and way people were treated were very different in the past couple of generations. For instance, women were often payed less if they could even get a job, and as soon as they got married they were fired because they knew they would have to be off all the time to care for their children. They believed a woman’s purpose was just to stay home, look after children, cook and clean. Families were a lot closer and children had more freedom and independence mostly because crime was a lot less common so children could walk the streets and visit neighbour’s kids all day without fear.

Methods of Travel:
There was a lot of public transport such as buses and trains. Only wealthier families could afford a car, as compared with today as almost every family has at least one car.

Public Facilities:
Sport was as common a thing then as it is now. Public facilities were gyms, swimming pools, sporting facilities such as basketball courts, and footy ovals, as well as having parks and fairs. We have much the same things today. But when it comes to roads and lighting, we have a lot more freeways and highways. I know from my grandparents who have lived in the same house since they were 20 that where huge areas of bushland were 50 years ago there are now highways and houses. The roads are also very well lit as compared to back then.

Types of Entertainment:
T.V’s were in their primitive stages but were still available for wealthy or middle-class citizens. Radio shows were common and people would go to watch the cricket or footy often. Today we have too much entertainment, in my opinion. In the children of today’s world, small children often have phones, iPods, computers and gaming consoles. When even in my generation’s early childhood those things hardly existed. I believe that this form of entertainment for young children ruins their childhood. They miss out on the fun of using their imagination to create games and activities for themselves. They are also exposed to the negative things that the media pushes today at a young age. While the entertainment and technology can be a good thing, as it is easier to find information and such, it causes more complication as people often can’t go a day without checking facebook for example.

From what I’ve learnt, almost every family went to church and religion often competed with each other. Catholicism and Protestants hated each other and were not allowed to marry. But religion or at least church was a common and normal thing for those times.

Health Standards:
People were often a lot fitter those days as there wasn’t as much vehicles and T.V and jobs often required more physical activity. Though hygiene was poor; you were lucky to get a bath once a week and would only wash your face or knees each day. There weren’t the same kind of toilets back then either. There were outhouses or ‘thunderboxes’ that you seldom accessed at night. Instead, if you need to go in the middle of the night you would ‘go’ in a bucket that you left under you bed until morning. Anyone would agree that this is disgusting and unhygienic but that is all they had back then. Smoking was also a common and accepted habit. People would say that it would kill you, but since it was a slow process, they...
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