Life in Mumbai

Topics: Mumbai, Road, Bandra Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Life in Mumbai City - Hell or Heaven
During past three years of my stay in Mumbai I always ask this question to myself everyday. Probably I am not the only one who do so but I am sure most of us so called Mumbaiakars do. There are more issues in this city than the population because every living being is having some issues of their own (now even birds got one). Big people talk of transforming Mumbai into Shanghai but the fact is that they had not even spared Mumbai to be in its original form. Let me try to put some candle light (power cut today in Mumbai also) on some major issues from my experience.

Everyday morning I start from my house in Santacruz to go to my office in Prabhadevi with only one question in my mind, how much late I will be today (from the late coming limit of ten min. in our office). Traffic jam starts from my street itself then Bandra then Mahim and so on. Three years back I used to take twenty minutes less for the same journey. Thank God I am no Bill Gates or the losses will run in Millions of Dollars per day. While coming back from the office in the evening......please dont even ask because I generally loose track of time after one hour. And the credit goes to lot of entities (which I will write later) but majorly to our roads embedded with countless potholes. Moreover when MMRDA decides to do the overhauling of roads, they start with those which are in good condition keeping aside those roads where there is no road but only potholes. Once I was in a hurry to reach my home for my marriage anniversary and got stuck at Mahim in a horrible traffic jam. It took me not less then two hours to crawl to Bandra from Mahim. Suddenly my fellow car driver asked me, "Boss is this road going to Borivali", already in a bad mood I answered him, "Boss I dont know whether this road leads to hell or heaven but atleast not to Borivali today". This is the situation of roads in Mumbai.

Now comes our over-smart Traffic Police or so called Mama's. I can bet...
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