Life in Megacities

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Megacities are characterized by growth, opportunity and innovation. Social networking and other sites have improved interactions between people in megacities. Broadband and the introduction of 3G and 4G have increased connectivity speeds and expanded the horizons of people on the web.

By 2025, experts predict that nearly half the world’s population will reside in megacities. This new trend will bring both benefits and challenges as megacities expand to meet the needs the residents.

Examples of megacities and their impact on residents’ lifestyles Countries such as Indonesia, China, India and Brazil are incorporating conveniences that will enhance the lives of their residents. Each city has incorporated technology to increase social interactions and productivity within it.

Jakarta, Indonesia.
Jakarta possesses the second largest Facebook subscribership in the world. More than 40 million people in Jakarta have an average of 200 friends each. Each Facebook subscriber holds a significant amount of power in Jakarta. They can summon their friends to a location and wield their collective purchasing power. Businesses in Jakarta benefit from the friendships formed via Facebook and other social networking websites. Many businesses take advantage of the digital revolution to increase revenue and propel the organization forward. As applications become more mobile-friendly, the mobile phone becomes increasingly more popular with organizations.

Delhia and Mumbai, India.
India in recent history has been the focal point of numerous terror attacks. The terror attacks helped India’s citizens become more creative about using social networking to coordinate relief efforts and to solicit volunteers. Mumbai has been a major hub for the digital revolution. Delhi has attracted even more people to the city and each of these people is a part of the digital revolution. Both Delhi and Mumbai have nearly 20 million people in their respective cities.

Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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