Life in Bangladesh

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Today I felt like recapping on my life. I live in one of the largest slums in Bangladesh which as most of the houses have no running water. Most of life centers around the river. This includes people wash themselves as well as their clothes in the river. From the streets, you can see women, sometimes completely covered in a sari, get into the water, and then suddenly you see a head and a floating sari. Many people get their water from a pump, but they are often not close to their house and since washing clothes takes a lot of water, it is much easier to carry your clothes to the water than to carry a lot of buckets of water towards your clothes. I typically do all of the washing for my family of seven. I am the oldest yet my younger brother, which is three years younger, is the head of the family because we live in such a male dominant society, but I do most of the house work. I cook for my family when we can afford meals. We have to try to live on 70 taka a day which is close to one US dollar. We mainly eat rice because it only cost 21 taka for one kilo, that is why our meals are made of 90% rice, not that we get many meals as it is though. When we can splurge a meal can consist of rice, fried vegetables, lentils, and sometimes fish, but meat isn't something that most can afford almost ever. My family lives in a bamboo hut with a tin roof. When it rains, we collect all of our pots and cups and set them around us so that we won't have to make so many trip to the river. In our slum like most of the rural areas, doesn't have many roads and when we do they are just the bare dirt. My main form of transportation is the bus. The buses are mainly crowded and since I can't go out without being accompanied, my 6 year old little brother has to follow me to work. The entire trip is 80.5 kilometers or approximately 50 miles. We ride three buses and then walk the last eight miles. As you can imagine the trip is unbearable for him. Being six, he sees that playing is far...
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