Life in Australia during the Great Depression

Topics: Great Depression, Unemployment, Business cycle Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: June 6, 2011
Part 1
1) I believe the purpose of the video (bread and dripping) it to inform people about how life was for everyone in the great depression, when this video was made the great depression was still fairly fresh in everyone’s mind so they created this video for documentation so that people in the future would learn from what happened and not make those mistakes again

2) The stimulus show how people lived in the great depression and explained the ration system and what people did in there spare time to relieve the stress of being out of work and poor. It also showed how the aboriginal people were treated in this time (which was despicable) there rations were lots worse than the white-Australians rations and no one accepted them into any work (less than white-Australians).

3) I personally think that the way they treated the aboriginals (compared to white-Australians) was despicable there rations were heaps worse than white-Australians rations whose included bread some vegetables butter milk and other small necessity’s compared to the aboriginals rations which included white flour condensed milk and butter.

Part 2
What did the Great Depression really mean in Australia? Long dole queues were found across the land, and yet our country rallied in so many ways: in high unemployment towns like Happy Valley in the council of Waverley NSW, the Unemployment Relief Works Program built valuable roads, pools and buildings giving hundreds of people employment and a sense of self-worth; concerts at Bondi Beach raised money for the 'Vegetable Fund’, and school children across the country were helped with free soup and bread. Part 3

The great depression in Australia affected many people in both bad ways and good ways; just some of the things that happened in the great depression was extreme unemployment, Phar-lap, and children wandering the streets. Phar lap was a significant part of depression history because he gave people something to believe in and...
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