Life in 1910 vs 2010

Topics: Family, Love, Personal life Pages: 2 (878 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Muhammad Nauman Minhas
SS-100 (Javed Nazir)
Writing and Communication
Life in 2010 versus Life in 1910

Life in 2010 versus Life in 1910
What it must have been if we would have born a hundred years ago? There must have been a big round lawn with rooms on all four sides in a village. On one side there is an open area where our cattle are kept. The faint kip clop of horse coming from the street indicates that our father is coming along with his brothers after ploughing fields for a whole day. Our grandfather sits in the centre of the lawn as the chief executive of the family. Our father along with his other brothers enters the home. Say hello to father and gives him the details of what they have done today. My mother along with the wives of my uncles prepares dinner in the kitchen under the guidance and supervision of my old grandmother. All the children set the anchors to the cattle. The dinner is ready now. Everybody sits together and chats while enjoying the dinner. After dinner the girls of the family set the beds and everybody goes asleep. We say good night and go asleep peacefully. What a happy family that must be, full of love, affection and harmony. Back in the hectic world of 2010, we live in a small flat in a congested city. A small busy family, I come after playing soccer in the evening. Make coffee for myself and go to my room. My mom comes and after getting fresh, goes to kitchen. Dinner is ready now. Mom has already taken her dinner; father has not arrived, so I have to eat dinner alone. Now I am tired but I have to do my homework. I go to my room and do my homework. Now father has arrived but I am very tired, I can’t go to see him. I am going asleep. And hence a hectic day ends. What a boring family this is. It is a phenomenon that the life must have been very peaceful and full of love in 1910. The family was a very strong social entity. Grandfather was the chief executive of the family. All his sons live with him. The grandmother is the...
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