Life Goals: A Peek Into My Future

Topics: Automobile, Family, Mother Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: February 13, 2013
What will I be like when I'm an adult

Who knows what I will be like and what I will do when I'm an adult? I could be anything - be a lawyer, an astronaut, a cop, or even a teacher at Duke University or simply follow in my moms and dads footsteps and become a computer programmer . There are so many choices. The reason I said “I could become anything” is because a lot of people want to become a doctor when they are young and go to college but land up becoming a nurse , a pharmacist or a scientist. But for now, I am totally sure that I want to become a car designer and engineer. So anyway, I want to become a car designer and engineer because I’ve always liked cars. I'm fascinated by the way they work and how people managed to create such marvelous and useful machines. If I'm a car engineer my cars won’t just be fast. They’ll be lightweight, non-polluting, fuel efficient, aerodynamic and packed with cool features all at an affordable price. Now that I have answered the age old question of what I will become when I grow up, let’s talk about the real interesting stuff like who I’ll be and what I will be into.

I would like to continue living in a suburb like Cary, a medium populated town with lots of greenery and nice mannered people. Most people would want to live in a mansion, but I will choose to live in a mid sized house even if I were stinking rich because I believe in people like Warren Buffet who says “The way to stay rich is to not spend to much.” and he still lives in a house that he bought for $31,500 in 1958. Each day when I come back home from work I would like to see a warm welcoming family - a wife and preferrably two little kids. I would love to play games with them, go on walks, bike and just spend time with family.

If I had any extra money on me, I would spend it on important things like kids toys, kids college funds and solar panels to attach to the house (If it isn’t already running on solar energy). Also, I...
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