Life Goals

Topics: College, Veterinary medicine, Higher education Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: February 15, 2013
As the most of my peers, I have been asking myself a question, what is it really I want out of my life? This question has been bothering many people, and not only the college students who are trying to figure out the path which will lead them to the comfortable life.Having goals for yourself is crucial when it comes to wanting to become successful in life. It was difficult at first to set goals for myself, but being in college really helps me understand the importance of it. So I have chosen the path that I want for the rest of my life and will try to pursue it with my best interest at heart. I may have bumps and construction ahead of me on my path but I'm determined to pass the finish line.  I see my goals as tangible, and they are well within my reach if I stretch my arms to touch them. I work hard for these things not only to make a good life for myself but also to be able to provide for my family in the future.

My goal in life is to become a better person in everything I do. In order for me to do so, I must create steps to accomplish this. By doing so I would have to work hard to reach these goals.I firmly believe that if one plans on being a successful person in society, setting goals is a very important step. Having goals not only gives you a clear focus on things, it also helps you to organize your plans by allowing you to give yourself time limits and boundaries.  Goals provide direction in life, and help a person stay focused, motivated, and improves performance. Goal setting is a process.

Dogs, cats, lizards and lions are what makes me happy. I love animals. Every since I was four years old I've had this “thing” for animals. Sometimes my mom or dad would find me in the backyard inside of the dog house with the dogs! Now that’s pretty extreme don’t you think? So throughout the years I have always said that I wanted to be a veterinarian. Just two years ago I was a senior in high school and I still wanted that to be true, but once I took a look at the...
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