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Roles and Functions Paper
By: LaTreena Alexander
November 26, 2012
Samuel Steinberg

In many different types of health care settings there will be a chain of management and four major functions of management that will help the business flow smoothly in the right direction for the managed care of the patients that they will receive from the facility, and this structure will also allow the organization to grow as a team, and benefit the facility and the community at the same time in a cost effective way. This paper will identify the major functions, and how it applies to managing others, and it will also explain what the most important role for a health care manager and leader in the diversified health care industry. I will then give my opinion on what the most significant aspect related to health care management that I would like to gain by taking this course in my field of study.

There are four major functions of management in a health care setting which are organizing, planning, controlling, leading and all managers on any type of level are responsible for following and achieving each function of management on a daily basis, and the first function of management that will be described is organizing.

Organizing is a function of management that gives out job assignments and tasks, locating resources, make and coordinate the work for the people of the organization so that the plan can be implemented and followed through with. This function allows managers to dissect the inner side of the process and give input that will help form the nature of the facility, and the next function of management is planning.

Planning is a function of management that goes through a process of making objectives for performance and deciding what steps should or should not be taken in order to achieve the goal of the employer and the employee at the same time. The manager’s job is to notice the accomplishment of the end work of the employee, make choices and decisions...
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